Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning started late for Miss Caroline. I on the other hand, woke up 8 min. past the time of breakfast call, racing down to get there in time to see the kids and have a quick bite.
Today was a bowl of some sort of spaghetti noodle cooked in a milky thick paste with a sweet taste. Visually challenging. This sat beside a pink, sausage type, swollen hot dog. I really only wanted to see the kids before they rushed off to school.
Directly after this excitement, I proceeded to go back to chipping up some tile in the foyer. Now it was time to go back into Kiev to get some docs notorized. Now, we in the states, know the notary only has to seal someones signature, here is a completely different proceedure. We get to the office and sat down, nice office just 2 people, one young man and a lady. A lady with a great haircut noted caroline. This was a 45 min demonstration of cascading colors of seals and pretty threaded documents. Thats right  . . .threaded docs. They sew a thread thru the side of all the pages and cut the ends at a particular length, then the color seals are stamped over top and signed by this lady.
The young man is now printing up a very formal, and colorful 2 sided document which Caroline and I had to sign. After this we had to sign a hand written ledger in several places. Did I mention the nice office?
All in all, it was a non-stressed event. We then proceeded back to the car which Eger (Jane's friend) was patiently waiting this entire time. He was a true blessing taking us so we could get back faster, to get there in time for the scheduled dinner hour.
Dinner was good, saw the kids again. Although lunch is really the best time,because these cooks make incredible soups.
Always loook forward to the soups and home made breads.

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