Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally comes Disney World

Okay so we arent the most diligent bloggers... We seem to be a little busy and preoccupied with 6 kids. But really, life is great. Hard at times, constant training and time spent, but with a huge payoff. Just writing now, gives me some time to reflect on all the good times of the past year. Thats right; "Gotcha Day" is coming up on April 21st.
The children are all melting together, especially the boys, like they've been siblings their whole lives. That amazes me in itself. Gabby is in drama at Stars in the Universe, and loves the community. She's having fun, even if she doesnt always admit it. Nicolas wants to try every sport available, with Logan immersed in baseball. Marcus and Julian are content with Lego's and swimming and alittle basketball with their friend Connor.
Because  we have been saving our extra monies, and were blessed by Uncle Hank and Frances, we are finally able to take our new kids to Walt Disney World. WooHoo!! Very excited so watch their faces in amazement at the details and magnitude of the parks. Thanks to an old friend Cheryl for helping that happen as well! A friend from elementary school and I started fbooking, and it ends up she works at Disney. God is in the details people. I'm going to share the following emails that went back and forth between what was a total stranger and myself about a timeshare condo. We needed a full kitchen and "home like" size place for our fam. It's pretty incredible actually. And I think you'll agree .
Me: I email inquiring about a large unit available and ask for a price
Owner's Response: Unfortunately, the 4 bedroom has been rented.  But I have an interesting alternative.  I looked at the availability calender, and I started to email you back to tell you there was nothing available, which there isn't.  The building is completely sold out . . . except for a unit I forgot I had.  I actually have a 3 bedroom presidential open.  It is normally $ 4 digits, but if you want it, I will let you have it for $ 2000 less.  I actually should have cancelled it by now, and would have.  But for some reason, I felt like I was supposed to keep it.  When I read your email, I felt prompted by the Lord to give it to you for a lower rate.  I don't know how this sounds to you, but I am a Christian.  And every once in a while, the Lord prompts me to do something like this.  But I want you to understand that this is a gift from Him, not me.  I don't know what your religious background is, but I know when I hear from Him.  And although I may sound a little crazy to you, I am offering this by faith.  Let me know if you want it.
Me: Oh my!! Let me tell you about my morning and last night. We are believers, and on April 21, 2011, we stepped out in faith and adopted 3 siblings (14,13,11) from Ukraine. We already had 3 kids (11,9,7). We have been telling them about Disney and saving what we could to go. Seeing as it's their 1 year anniversary - and our schedules are open, we set out on exploring our options. So after seeing your beautiful  place, I felt the desire to ask. This morning in the shower, I was asking the Lord, would you please put it on someone's heart and have an affordable place open up to us. Within 2 hours - I received your email. What a blessing from God, and you! That He put it on your heart too, its just so amazing. He is in the details isn't he?Owner's Response: What an aweomse God!! I am so blessed to think that He spoke to me. Just hearing His voice is my heart's desire. And to know that you will be blessed also is a bonus. I think you will be blown away by the condo. It is fabulous! I just have 2 favors: send a photo of your family having fun, and write a review for my website when you return. Thanks so much.   Ps. I forgot to tell you the the condo is actually for a full week. If you can use the extra nights, they are yours.
Even as fellow Christians, I am blown away by God's generosity. It will be our testimony and yours for years to come!!!

Me: UNBELIEVABLE GOD! Deserving or not, He so loves us!!!  As we celebrated Easter as the day of God's resurrecting Jesus, I am so thankful He know my name and has written in the Lambs Book of Life. And our new friend's name also!!!!
How great is our God!