Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowy Day

2/12/11 My turn to blog today, guaranteed not to be as funny as Steve's. Woke up to snow falling, and at the time of this writing, it is still snowing. Baked cookies with the girls, after a morning haircut to Debbie. A quick lunch, soup only for me, then a brisk walk to the tram. The trams are antiquated. Looks like they are still riding from the 1940's. An experience for sure. We rode into Kiev because the teenage girls went to youth group at Hillsong Church. Very cool church. Great music. While the kids were there, Barbara and I hit the stores. New sweater dresses for us. $30. Its really fascinating here, the women are decked out! Nice high heeled boots, and mink coats or some other fancy coat, just for every day outings. Its cultural here. Because they couldnt get anything while under the Soviet Union rule, they now have this sense of freedom, and spend most of their earnings on nice clothes. It is how you look here. People will actually dress up to go to work, change into work attire, then back into fancy. Funny. I look like a poor person here, minus the alcohol breath. Hung out with Kristina on the trips in and out which was lovely. Missing home and the warm weather. Hope all goes smooth and we can get back to Florida sooner than later. More tomorrow.

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