Friday, February 25, 2011

March 29

We finally got the date. A bit of a bummer, its March 29th. Torn between 2 worlds. We will go home together for a month. Super glad to go home to my kids, my amazing friends, Pax, warm weather, and work. Cindy, I will work on Thursday. :) Sad to leave my kids here behind. Thankfully, they are optimistic and resilent. They didnt know the date could have been Feb 21 or 22nd, so they were dissapointed it was another month away, but glad it was going to be final then. After that, we spent the nite playing ping pong and goofing around with the boys, and that was great. On a serious and sober note, this change in dates will cost another $3650. We could use some help in this thwarted plan. We hadnt anticipated the cost of additional changes in airfare. So if you're reading this and want to hep, please donate on paypal, give to us directly, or mail it to us?. Any and all help is appreciated. More tomorrow on our day. Vicki, I will tell you why via email or fb messaging. We'll miss our friends and family here. Especially Debby and Gayla who have been so generous in translating and just hearing my feelings out. Barbara and Jane for being sooo hospitable, kind and most generous with us here crashing at their compfy pad.

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