Friday, February 11, 2011

An Adventure Out

2/11/11 Up at 7:30am and down to the mysteries of the breakfast house. Today we had mac & cheese, pickled tomatoes and roasted chicken.(see kids... it is OK to eat pizza for breakfast) That is a first, again for chicken at breakfast, but tasty, and good.  Then our driver, Eger, took us and all three kids packed into a mercedes benz wagon, back into Kiev so we could meet the Shlouzba (Childrens Services). Here is where we watch our three get questioned about being adopted by Caroline and I, then they had to hand write an affadavit stating that they were willing and accepted being adopted. Then, (you guessed it) the colors of blue stamped over their signatures and the sign of the head lady.OK, breathing again...We where then able to leave. Caroline, since we were out, wanted to see the city. So off we go to the Water Museum. I'm going to let you just hang on to that thought for a moment. So we enter this nice old, well preserved building, and ofcourse my first thought is where is the water? I then proceed to pay 17.00 US to take a tour, which is in Russian, that just captured my complete attention. Come to find out shorty after passing thru several displays, that this "museum" was a tour about the water and sewer distribution in Ukraine.
The tour ended with me using the W.C.
We all then took a short walk in the frigid weather to view a scene looking over the Dnieper River at an elevation of 1500 feet. Quit the view, nice. Now it is about noon and off to the pizza place for lunch, 239.00 Grivna . 40 US. Once again the boot store across the street was summoning Caroline. We all look and I must say Caroline did well. No Grivna spent. On the way home we ended up at their version of Super Walmart with a Costco flair. Bought some groceries and headed back home. Took nap, wild dreams, up again for dinner. Potato stew, Greek yogurt with raisins, sliced pickles and bread no butter. Filling and tasty.
Tomorrow I install the tile in foyer. Check back for more moments in Puscha-Voditsya.

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