Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Adopters

Yesterday was one week. Things are going great. During prayer last nite, Logan said our last name should be the Adopters. Steve and Caroline Adopter. Funny. He prayed that there would be no more orphans. Okay friends, step up to the task! Its awesome. Live life on fire. (thanks for reminding me Rachel) We have done a litre version of school all week and played games. Had great meals delivered - thank you all - what a treat! We went to Baja Cafe last nite. Wanted to try mexican with them. First of all, even at the cheap places its too much $. Well I guess not too bad. About $10 a person. Chips and salsa yes. Refried beans soso. But add a chip and their favorite - sour cream, and it was yes. Sauteed veggies were a yes to the boys. Chicken fingers and fries yes. And yes they have that on the kids menu there. Swimmming is also a favorite. But we must get them to bed earlier. Because no matter what, they wake early. Also, Gabriella prays out loud now. Just a little bit but thats great. Nic needs more hugs. He is a bit stiff. Marcus is doing great with english. Suprise visitor today for them. Uncle Hank from North Carolina, drove down to see them. We stoppped by drama class and the kids got to meet the whole Stars troupe. They had fun, and ofcourse they got to see Miss Sherry and DeeJay. I do hope more in our midst open their homes ands hearts to ophans. There are many more young ones at the Ark and we can show you pictures or give you contact info.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Life

So settling in has been smooth and easy. Except for the usual or occasional (don't know which is the better word) boys' not listening, they have all been remarkable. Julian, Logan and Heidi have been quick to lead, guide, teach, and show whatever needs to be done, so that Gabriella, Nicolas, and Marcus can do their share of chores around the house. Wow, did I mention how fast the food goes? A dozen eggs and a loaf of bread for breakfast. Whatever... they are so worth every penny or ounce. Plus, I'm secretly trying to fatten Marcus up a bit. Spaghetti is their favorite so far. We have been blessed with meals from friends. And we even got invited out after baseball practice tonite. Burgers and hot dogs. They loved it, ofcourse what kid doesnt? So school has been good. We have done 3 days now. Just very lite stuff. Routine and repetitive math facts, calendar, colors, shapes, phonics, easy readers, and handwriting. Their penmanship is PERFECT. I had them copy the alphabet today in cursive. They care about their handwriting thats for sure. It's funny and neat the way they all mesh together. God has made it perfect. Unbelievable really, the way He is so in the details. I am constantly amazed at His handiwork. About 9 months ago, I had Steve make a round homeschool table instead of the square one we had before. We had 4 chairs around it. Now I need 6 or 7 chairs, and you know what? They fit perfectly. Details. I'm telling you, whoever reads this, that God has a plan for you, right? well, He wants you to be crazy and just say yes. To whatever is deep down in your heart. Be reckless. He was reckless to the point of crucification for you. Just do it, as the old slogan goes...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 3 & 4

What an amazing Easter celebrating what the Lord has done and finished! Literally. Easter we went to church, then home to meet Oma and Opa. They all hugged and got easter baskets. Oma cooked amazing lamb chops and everybody loved them. Swimming with cousin Riley and cheesecake for dessert. After they left Steve took the boys and Heidi bike riding at the park, and Gabriella and I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. Next day = structure. Need routine. With 4 boys playing ALL the time, it could get out of control. So we did our devotion and schooled a bit in the morning. Calendar, numbers, phonics. Just the essentials. Next a short word factory movie. Lunch - a loaf of bread and a pack of cheese for grilled cheese. haha - food will go quickly. Steve is fixing the sink so both sides of the double vanity can be used. 6 kids brushing their teeth one at a time takes too long. Next swimming and Costco, again. I may even sneak Target in. Towels hanging everywhere wont work. I'm too OCD for that. I'm not giving up my clean house just yet. Note to self, cook dinner at lunch. Thanks to Rori we will also implement quiet time with reading or books for 30 min. late in the day. Thats all for today. Hey! I got a chance to blog. Yipee.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Life

4/23/11 Day Two. But let me back up 2 days. Thursday I woke our bio 3 up at 11:30 and made a new record's time drive to MIA. They touchdown at 12:10. We park and run in to greet them. So exciting. We see them, they see us, we run arms outstretched to eachother. Kids to eachother, then Steve and I, then Steve and kids and me and kids. Great feeling. Luggage arrives, drive home, and see their excitement as they walk into their rooms. The boys were like , woah! And Gabriella has a huge smile on her face and says, soo big! Play till 2:30am, or should I say the boys all play till 2:30; then we crashed. Friday morning - breakfast - cereal and oj. They do not like their drinks too cold yet. Early swim time for the boys and Heidi. Then Gabriella, Heidi and I started things out right.. pedicures. A little girl time and we all chose blue colors for our paws. Then lunch of Mac and cheese. Okay, at this point it starts to dawn on me that food is going to go fast and in large quantities. Large quantities. Like 3 boxes of mac and cheese, without me and Steve eating. I was like Costco every 2 weeks, but it may be every week. Okay then - we'll cross that bridge when we need to. Afternoon swimming, shoe shopping at Rack Room, then baseball practice for Logan. The kids all played at the playground and Logan is hammering it in the field. Steve throws a bit to Nicolas, and he's a hitter. But not sure if he likes it yet. Probably have to spend alot of time at the fields torn between both baseball and soccer. (Football) Going back to shoes. Ukranians wear their shoes very small and tight so they have small feet. ? Well poor Marcus' toes are smooshed together so we will have to untrain him and get him to be a real Floridian... barefooted!  Working on that today. Nicolas is alittle sunburt and Marcus too, so we will spend most of our noon time inside playing games. Thankyou to my friends for understanding that we need to bond inward for awhile. We will have lifetimes together to grow all our kids God's way. Well, this is surely a very special Easter time. Resurrection Day. Amazing God that has placed this in our hearts, fueled it, and then sees it thru till the day we will be complete. Thank you God for your life and your heart.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Day

3/31 So it's my last day. Sad to say dasveydana for awhile. Don't know when or if I'll be back. I'll definitely miss the ark and it's beautiful inhabitants. Last nite we handed out all the shoes and clothes we collected for the kids back in America. Very fun. Everyone was very happy. I still need 3 pairs of shoes. Artur, Nastia and Ileana's shoes either didn't fit or they didn't get any. Let me know if anyone has it on their heart to supply them. I have their sizes and we can mail them. Also barbies and barbie clothes are wanted. The girls were all grateful and didn't want more than their share. There were extra clothes and I told them to keep them all. It was really sad to say goodbye to a few girls in particular. If anyone is remotely interested in adopting, please please come see me. It's now a count down till my family comes home. We all can't wait. 20 days. Logan is going to make a countdown calendar. The first thing my biological 3 said how much they are looking forward to April 21st.