Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Names

The children have picked "American" names for when they come to the States. Gabriella, Nicolas, and Marcus. We are supportive and happy they chose this. We are keeping their birth names as their middle name. They all have a beautiful ring to them.

Ukraine here we come

So we finally have our dates to go and get our three! Our 1st appointment is on February 9th with SDA and then off to the courts about a week later. Very exciting.

We skyped the other day for almost an hour, and it was just what we needed. We showed them their new bedrooms which Steve and friends have been working on for some time, and basically just admired them thru a camera. Christmas was initially hard without them but with the wise words of a faithful friend, “The Lord is building your house”, I was able to let go and enjoy our last holiday with our precious 3 and family. When I looked at it that way I was like, “take all the time you need God”. Christmas was great and Steve’s parents and sister and brother in law joined us. It was really nice. I feel like although initially having reservations, both sides of our families are a lot more understanding and supportive. God’s timing is so perfect. Steve will be back home with the kids mid March.
I believe we’ll spend the rest of our school year and summer just teaching them English and phonics. Reading, writing and bonding as a family. I look peacefully forward to a beautiful union and closeness in our now large family. Wow - large family is right! A lovely friend got us the book Large Family by Kim Brennaman, and I am enjoying pouring thru it. I feel like some of my friendships have strengthened and been taken to another level. No more surface talk or bubble living. I am forever grateful and thankful for the community we have. It’s a really large family from a “Kingdom” perspective.
Prayer request: End of January, the government could vote for the 2nd time on halting all adoptions until an “agreement” is in place between countries. This could be devastating for all orphans! Stuck with hopelessness! Please pray as the Spirit of God moves you. That they would not get to vote, or they would stand up and vote NO! Mercy and grace upon that land.
I will keep you posted, more often than this last post…
Love and Peace to you all