Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happiest of Thanksigving

Wow its sure has been awesome and busy the last few months. Its now 7 months since God expanded our family, and it feels like they have been here forever. It's totally normal and the kids all get along amazingly. Homeschooling is also going good. I cant imagine life with them all in school. I would have to spend most of the days driving, dropping, picking up, and then the dreaded homework. It would be hard for me, to do homework with them, if I didnt understand the lessons. At least as the teacher, I teach the lesson, so I can always help them. Our new children started a little behind were they would be in school, but it's so I can fill in any "gaps" in their  learning, and it certainly solidifies their english. Their english by the way, is incredible. There is nothing they cant say, and alot of the time now, they can pick the right adjectives to use. If anyone reading this has ever heard a Russian speak, it's usually missing a, an, the, that, those etc. Well they are getting really good at speaking. This year I am able to school the younger 3 together, and the older 3 all have individual time with mom alone for math. Grammar, history, science and english are all done together. Very fun that way.
Nicolas, Marcus, Heidi and Logan are fully immersed in their sports. Soccer and baseball for the boys, and ballet for Heidi. Gabirella is loving her piano lessons and Julian is content with Lego engineering. So instead of days driving around, we are driving around alot at night and on Saturdays. But as long as we sit down every night together as a family to eat, its all good. Steve and I think its very important that we eat together as a family every night. Its becomes the best part of our day. (That and then bedtime - lol) Speaking of bedtime, thats getting alot better too. I think the boys have finally realised, that lights out means play time is over. The goofing around in the boys room could go on for hours. Luckily that has ended. (for now, maybe..)
We are also busy with the dentist and orthodontist still. It takes along time to fill all those cavities, do xrays and cleanings. But we travel everywhere together, so it's just priceless to see the expressions on peoples' faces as we all enter a waiting room. lol - again.
Needs - we are financially going under water abit, so if anyone reading this has a heart to pass it on, pray about it, or help in anyway, please let us know. Nicolas' molars were pulled by an oral surgeon, and he was generous with his fee to us, but his braces are going to be $5,698. Thats what we could use help with.
This Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for. Beautiful, healthy children, the roof over our heads, a big meal on the table to share with loved ones, and freedom from our sin. The truth of Jesus has saved us, and His Spirit dwells within us.I love my husband, my children, my pets and basically - everything about my life! We are truly blessed and very thankful! Happy Fall to you all!