Sunday, February 13, 2011

Emotional Sunday

2/13/11 Lond ride in the freezing cold to get to church. Debbie, (the intern here who speaks German and English), says, "This is a sacrifice, coming all this way for church." I am reading this book called Radical, so it was funny that she mentioned that because in the book, going to church for us Americans is so easy. A comfy ride in a cooled or heated car, music on, a nice parking space, laughs and fellowship while at church, and a good time had by all. Hillsong Kiev is a great church, and the worship is as we know it at Harbour. Btw - did I mention its 14 F today? Headed back after church and took a long hot bath to warm my bones. Down to the dining hall for a Valentines celebration. History lesson on St. Valentine and a discussion about the different kinds of love. "Agape love Heidi",just an inside thing for me and Heidi. We ended with worship and prayer. Very emotional time. Debbie played guitar, and watching the kids sing with their eyes closed was beautiful yet sad. I wondered what they were thinking and silently praying about as they worshiped the King. Then it was prayer time. The kids started right out, and not knowing what they were thankful for and asking for, I can only imagine. Either way I was speechless and teary eyed. Hugs and kisses goodnite and now for a spagetti dinner that I prepared today.

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