Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Drawing

2/15 (Steve) Today was a slower day, we did not have to go anywhere. Caroline and I slept in this morning.
I awoke and went directly to work trying to finish cutting the tile for the foyer, and had a good day. I'm almost finished. We did meet with the in house psycologist. Talked with her for an hour, she had some info about the children, all good, mostly FYI stuff. Interestingly enough, she seperated Caroline and I, and had us draw in a circle that she had drawn, a picture of our family. We drew it differently, but both passed the test. She wanted to see how we each viewed our family. Kinda cool actually. Tomorrow she will have the kids do it too. Cant wait to see their pictures. She asked Kristina alone today, if she felt accepted and a part of our family already, and she said yes! Also she encouraged us that she will attach soon to us. Mostly Caroline. It'll be awkward with me at first as she has missed her childhood with me. She is in the inbetween child and teen. More teen in body, but child inside. Thats good. We had dinner with all the children, then went back to the apt. talked, responded to emails then we (Caroline, Barbara, Gayla, Debbie and myself sat to watch One Night with a King. Tomorrow we will be back in Kiev processing papers. Will meet with the lawyer and try to encourage him to get us a quick court date so we can seal this union and Caroline can get back home to our three. Thank you all for reading along,
Dawn, glad Caroline could give you a laugh at my expense. Your the best.. On a good note the Ukrainian people make the best soups I've ever tasted and great, fresh breads. Tomorrow nite is Taco Wednesday - we're cooking upstairs! So grateful that we have the amenities of living upstairs at Jane and Barbara's.
Peace out.

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