Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Adopters

Yesterday was one week. Things are going great. During prayer last nite, Logan said our last name should be the Adopters. Steve and Caroline Adopter. Funny. He prayed that there would be no more orphans. Okay friends, step up to the task! Its awesome. Live life on fire. (thanks for reminding me Rachel) We have done a litre version of school all week and played games. Had great meals delivered - thank you all - what a treat! We went to Baja Cafe last nite. Wanted to try mexican with them. First of all, even at the cheap places its too much $. Well I guess not too bad. About $10 a person. Chips and salsa yes. Refried beans soso. But add a chip and their favorite - sour cream, and it was yes. Sauteed veggies were a yes to the boys. Chicken fingers and fries yes. And yes they have that on the kids menu there. Swimmming is also a favorite. But we must get them to bed earlier. Because no matter what, they wake early. Also, Gabriella prays out loud now. Just a little bit but thats great. Nic needs more hugs. He is a bit stiff. Marcus is doing great with english. Suprise visitor today for them. Uncle Hank from North Carolina, drove down to see them. We stoppped by drama class and the kids got to meet the whole Stars troupe. They had fun, and ofcourse they got to see Miss Sherry and DeeJay. I do hope more in our midst open their homes ands hearts to ophans. There are many more young ones at the Ark and we can show you pictures or give you contact info.

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