Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Life

So settling in has been smooth and easy. Except for the usual or occasional (don't know which is the better word) boys' not listening, they have all been remarkable. Julian, Logan and Heidi have been quick to lead, guide, teach, and show whatever needs to be done, so that Gabriella, Nicolas, and Marcus can do their share of chores around the house. Wow, did I mention how fast the food goes? A dozen eggs and a loaf of bread for breakfast. Whatever... they are so worth every penny or ounce. Plus, I'm secretly trying to fatten Marcus up a bit. Spaghetti is their favorite so far. We have been blessed with meals from friends. And we even got invited out after baseball practice tonite. Burgers and hot dogs. They loved it, ofcourse what kid doesnt? So school has been good. We have done 3 days now. Just very lite stuff. Routine and repetitive math facts, calendar, colors, shapes, phonics, easy readers, and handwriting. Their penmanship is PERFECT. I had them copy the alphabet today in cursive. They care about their handwriting thats for sure. It's funny and neat the way they all mesh together. God has made it perfect. Unbelievable really, the way He is so in the details. I am constantly amazed at His handiwork. About 9 months ago, I had Steve make a round homeschool table instead of the square one we had before. We had 4 chairs around it. Now I need 6 or 7 chairs, and you know what? They fit perfectly. Details. I'm telling you, whoever reads this, that God has a plan for you, right? well, He wants you to be crazy and just say yes. To whatever is deep down in your heart. Be reckless. He was reckless to the point of crucification for you. Just do it, as the old slogan goes...

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  1. excellent work! i am in awe at the handiwork of God. He is sooo faithful! Can I buy you some eggs and bread please? I am friends with Debby and would love to bless your family in this way. :)