Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday we took a short bike ride to try it out. See if they all listen and follow etc. Julian and Nicolas rollerbladed because we were short 2 bikes. Fast forward to 8:00 am and a knock at the door. A forerunner for Christ says a little bird told them we needed 2 bikes and hands us money to buy them. Amazing. Then a few hours later, Steve goes to a job, and they have a beautiful Jenn Aire grill, practically new that we could have. (Just a week ago, he mentioned our grill is deteriorating and we should be on the look out for a sale) Blessing no.2. Then Friday nite we rescued a baby bird. Well he is stronger and bigger every day. Like we didnt have enough to do, we now hand feed a bird every few hours. Lol. Anyway, after days of checking online to find out what kind, we discover today its a dove. Awesome again. Blessing no. 3. Anyways, its fun all taking turns caring for this bird. Gabriella, Julian and Nicolas have been great at spoon feeding it. Logan tries tomorrow. Should be able to release the bird "joe" at the end of the week. We all went back today to try to find the nest. It was in the "Y" of the Robb and Stucky sign at Mizner. Only about 20 feet from the ground. Oh well, it seems they fly the coop 14 days after birth anyway. Sad actually, they dont return home again. I rather prefer the turtles, who go back to the beach they were hatched on. After 2,500 or so of traveling around, they can navigate back and lay their eggs. And that goes on and on. Pretty cool. That must have just happened that way huh?? No perfect design? Really now. Oh ye of little faith. Our God knows exactly what He is up to and why. Thank you God. I wouldnt want it any other way. Our life is in your hands.

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