Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Life

4/23/11 Day Two. But let me back up 2 days. Thursday I woke our bio 3 up at 11:30 and made a new record's time drive to MIA. They touchdown at 12:10. We park and run in to greet them. So exciting. We see them, they see us, we run arms outstretched to eachother. Kids to eachother, then Steve and I, then Steve and kids and me and kids. Great feeling. Luggage arrives, drive home, and see their excitement as they walk into their rooms. The boys were like , woah! And Gabriella has a huge smile on her face and says, soo big! Play till 2:30am, or should I say the boys all play till 2:30; then we crashed. Friday morning - breakfast - cereal and oj. They do not like their drinks too cold yet. Early swim time for the boys and Heidi. Then Gabriella, Heidi and I started things out right.. pedicures. A little girl time and we all chose blue colors for our paws. Then lunch of Mac and cheese. Okay, at this point it starts to dawn on me that food is going to go fast and in large quantities. Large quantities. Like 3 boxes of mac and cheese, without me and Steve eating. I was like Costco every 2 weeks, but it may be every week. Okay then - we'll cross that bridge when we need to. Afternoon swimming, shoe shopping at Rack Room, then baseball practice for Logan. The kids all played at the playground and Logan is hammering it in the field. Steve throws a bit to Nicolas, and he's a hitter. But not sure if he likes it yet. Probably have to spend alot of time at the fields torn between both baseball and soccer. (Football) Going back to shoes. Ukranians wear their shoes very small and tight so they have small feet. ? Well poor Marcus' toes are smooshed together so we will have to untrain him and get him to be a real Floridian... barefooted!  Working on that today. Nicolas is alittle sunburt and Marcus too, so we will spend most of our noon time inside playing games. Thankyou to my friends for understanding that we need to bond inward for awhile. We will have lifetimes together to grow all our kids God's way. Well, this is surely a very special Easter time. Resurrection Day. Amazing God that has placed this in our hearts, fueled it, and then sees it thru till the day we will be complete. Thank you God for your life and your heart.

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