Monday, September 6, 2010

Our very first post, on our very own BLOG!

8.12.10 was the day that 'our' kids that were visiting from Ukraine went back home. I went to work and my first client, comes in. We make pleasant small talk, and then I hit him with, “so we’re thinking about maybe adopting 3 kids from Ukraine.” He easily replies, “Great!” As we talk on further, he is full of encouragement and gives me so many good examples of the fruit it will bring. Like a table full of children enjoying laughter and sharing stories will far outweigh any restaurant dinner. And the years it may take of us putting extra money in that jar for a family vacation, will be better than the vacation itself.  The dreams shared, and the bonds that we will form are unlike anything else. So the thru the whole haircut, I am on the receiving end of a “charge” and backed with scripture verses from God’s Word, I can’t go wrong! Upon checking out, he tells me about a job he used to have selling storm shutters. He was showing a prospective buyer how well the shutters hold up to a hose spraying water full force on them. Then for fun he says, “lets get a firehouse on them!” and still the shutters hold up. The verse he shares next is the house built on the sand falls down when the wind and storms come; but the house that is built upon the rock, the storms come, and it won’t fall down. Not “if” they come, but when they come. So at this point I am feeling full of encouragement and confirmation in my heart that this is the right thing. He leaves, walks out of our sight past the salon, and I say to Cindy, “wow did you hear all that!!?” Then he swings open the door to Back Bay and says, “ by the way, I was adopted in 1966”, and leaves again.
     Oh my!! I was just blown away. I mean Holy Spirit bumps, tears, you know, the whole thing! I couldn’t believe that during his whole 40 min appt he never mentioned it. It was like he was holding back till the Spirit led him to tell me! What hope I received that day!!!
     Steve and I have both been in agreement for over a year now, that caring for orphans is non- negotiable. It’s an obligation to all who love Jesus. In some way or another, we can all help out orphans, homeless and widows. It’s what He would do.
8.20.10 So the journey begins…
Donations come in today equaling $200! Thank you Jehovah Jireh for providing not only monetary confirmation, but the realization that this could come to fruition. All in all, the first day raised $350.
8.22.10 Home fellowship. I tell Gus about our hopes, and very non chalauntly he says “its already done”!!
8.23.10 $80 more donated!
8.27.10 $65 more! The momentum and energy is palatable.
8.28.10 while sharing this story with another great person in my life, she just hands me a check for $750 which matches what I had raised at home and is what we need to start the home study!
9.1.10 I'm telling another friend who has also met these great children and has a special place in her heart for them and she writes me a check for $500! This is what we need to finish the home study! Now we have $310 raised for the doctor’s appointments which is the nest step. Then on to INS for fingerprinting. That will be $670.
9.3.10 Home Study appointment goes very well! Missy Campo is excellent! Such a pure and honest heart! It is a blessing that she is our caseworker as we have been emailing a few weeks before this. My best friend in the whole world since forever says to me today as we were talking after our morning meeting at Shepherds’ Care; that God has put in me a heart for rescue. It has been there since I was little. AMEN! She said laughingly, that a few days before when her sister had heard what we were up to, she thought …yeah she has moved from animal rescue to people! lol
9.4.10 we had a live recording of worship at the Harbour Church and it was awesome to be in His presence! I have awestruck wonder at what He is doing in the earth. To realize that Jesus sings over me when I sleep is so amazing… I could hardly breathe at times during worship. He has such good and wonderful plans for us all if we just step into the river! I feel so alive! Its like when I said, “yes God” (and obeyed Him specifically in a previous issue), He opened the floodgates of Heaven. Bring them home here Lord!
9.5.10 Steve has the revelation that God has given him a heart of restoration. He has always had that desire in him since he was like 16. Very cool! Earlier in the day I said to him how I am so excited because he will be so, so important to Igor and Denys. He says he knows and is very excited too!
     In all this, we must remain humble and Bless His name for bringing us even to this place… being prepared for whatever God’s plans are for them.

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