Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Evening of Blessings

Gathering for Nathan, Courtney and the girls.
As the evening was winding down, I was scanning the group of the people who had come over to bless and pray over the McConnell’s. I thought to myself, what an awesome God we have and how blessed I was and my family along with everyone here. We are all part of the homeschooling network whose families love the Lord and also in a church body who has fruitful relationships with God. How blessed we are! 

Knowing that we have two solid communities backing and praying over our desire to have these children come into our home with hope of restoration for their hurting, empty hearts.

This is what the bride looks like, what God had intended for us all. Having the security of knowing that we have families supporting us is precious, something we need to protect and guard, its something worth fighting for.

I see Christina, Igor and Denys as our children; I have come alive in stepping out for the kingdom. I see more of our destiny unfolding.

The Lord showed me an image last Sunday during worship.  He was standing in front of many warehouses, and every warehouse had a name over the entry door. Above this particular door was my name. It read “ My favorite one Stephen” The emotions alone that ran thru my soul were overwhelming.

Our Lord had a warehouse full of blessing and gifts, more then I would or could ever hope for just sitting there waiting for me to step thru the door and receive them, freely. We, together in unity are doing something for His kingdom, purely on faith and trust in Him. There is so much excitement walking on the edge of this world and living on the edge of His kingdom. All new talents and opportunities will be launched for us because we were obedient in saying yes, and stepping out. I hope God gives me many more years to work for him. I am alive . . . .

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