Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Had to share ...

We are so excited! We were very encouraged on Sunday by our Home Fellowship friends that felt burdened to pray for us and our new kids. It was really needed. I was feeling just slightly down the other day. I thought for some reason, the funds would pour in and we would be on our way to Ukraine.  After spending all day on Friday with our great case worker, Missy, and then on to Life Point Counseling for our psyche evaluation, I think I was just a bit tired. We took a 440 question, bubble true or false quiz. To think some mentally disturbed and paranoid people really feel the way most of the questions were, is sad to say the least. 
Then a good day: Saturday at work, a wonderful and generous new client just hands me $100 towards the kids – wow! 
And then - WOW WOW WOW – we received a large donation via pay pal! Unbelievable – people care and are behind us!! Thank you so so much – you know who you are! 
We Skyped Kristina on her birthday and it felt really cool to see them again!! Denys asked to come and visit. I could barely keep from telling them, “We’re coming for you!!” 
I must remember that this is a faith walk and not to get ahead of God and His timing.

These are our three cherubs that God has already so richly blessed us with.  We are truly counting the days until we can have ALL of our blessings in the nest.  We imagine the feeling of kissing all of our children 'Goodnight', our faith is in God.

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