Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every penny paves the way to Kiev!

So a great lady suggested that we put a flyer with a change bucket around local establishments and say “We’ll take your change”. Because not everyone wants to part with dollar bills, but everyone has change they don’t mind dropping in. I thought that was a great idea, but haven’t started it yet. Then today my friend randomly drops off 3 piggy banks at my door! I guess I’m supposed to do it. How great! God is using everyone, in big and little ways, to sow into this calling of caring for orphans. It’s so encouraging. Every day we receive a donation it helps chip away at the total cost. It truly, literally warms my heart. And even when I feel slightly down that it’s not just “pouring in”, I get a little reminder that God always in control. BUT, if we can raise the funds very soon, and we Fed Ex every thing, and keep on top of all the paperwork getting circulated to USCIS and SAD in Ukraine, then this could happen by Christmas. I had a great talk with Jane again today, and she can’t wait to tell the kids they’ll have a family and home very soon. We tracked what needs to happen still and it is possible, if we get things done quick enough and God fast tracks this (as He has so far) we could bring our kids home on December 22! We speak and pray every day about them and really are so very excited to be with them. Not a day goes by that either Steve or I say, “I wish Kristina, Igor and Denys were here”. Please help us by spreading the word to everyone in your address book or facebook.  

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