Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Official

3/29 A new day in history! Today we gained 3 more beautiful children, all at the same time. Praise the Lord, for He is Awesome. Headed into Kiev at 12:00 and stopped at the mall for lunch with the kids. They tried sushi! Gabriella liked it, and the boys said so-so. Then while the guys were exchanging money, the girls did some serious bonding while window shoppping. Actually, we have alot of the same tastes. Good stuff. Then over to the court early. Once there, a tall attractive lady comes over to Gayla, and introduces herself. I tell Gayla to tell her she has a great jacket, and then Gayla turns to me with a smile and says she speaks very well English. ok then. Turns out she is the prosecuter. Good thing I really did like her jacket right? We are ushered immediately into the small court room. The prosecuter comes in, the secretary, the shloozba lady, the director at the Ark, Gayla, and the 5 of us. The kids are asked to wait outside and the judge, a very attractive young, underline young, lady enters with 2 jurors. One is a young female and the other, well lets just say he was an older gentleman with a not so happy look on his face. The judge goes thru all the formalities of our names, addresses, dob, jobs, etc. After 20 min. of this, she looks at Steve and wants to know how you met these kids and why do you want to adopt them. I stand with him and answer some questions. Now this whole time, the older gentleman is practically shaking his head at us. I think I may have heard him growl too. Then the question of homeschooling comes. I take this one, and explain how and why we do this in America. Then just to solidify it, I mention the public schools are not so good. The man then replies, in perfect English might I add, I send my son to public school in New York. great. So an hour more of questions like how can you afford it, manage 6, and do your kids want them, we begin to wrap things up by hearing from all the other people in the room. They each stand up and say it is in the best interest of the kids that they be adopted. All except the judge and jury at this point. Oh, the man also asked if we homeschool due to our religious beliefs, and what kind of church do we go to. Looks like he read the file too.  Anywho, they then bring in the kids and ask them each indivdually if they like us, like America, what kind of food did they eat, do they like the food better in Ukraine or America, what do they call us and much more then I can remember right now. They answered all respectfully and seemed to even make them smile at the same time. Then the judge and jurors leave to discuss their verdict. The prosecuter and I converse, and she has a few more questions for me, but compliments too. She mentioned how the kids already look like us. We speak easily now, and she tells me not to worry they are for sure yours. Enter the judge and gang, and they officially read the verdict. Yes, the court recognizes and grants you full and sole custody of Gabriella, Nicolas and Marcus. Congratulations!

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