Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thankgoodness For Skype

3/9/11 We fortunetly get to Skype with our kids. It's fun to see them and hear their voices. After a few minutes of checking in, our kids here promptly grab the notebook and start chatting away and walking them thru the house and even outside. They built a fort out back so they couldnt wait to show it to them. They are very excited to have them as siblings. Heidi usually mentions it daily. She cant wait to have a big sister. Although she has also asked if I can still have a baby. She wants to hold a new baby, all the time. But I'm not sure I could handle 7 kids! She'll have to settle with her baby dolls. Looking forward to going back to Ukraine. And surprised that I am looking foward to it. Seeing our kids again, and the generally slower pace. Wish Jane was there this time though. But thankfully Barbara, Debby and Gayla will be company. (And Nikka.) Please continue to pray for finances and most of all a smooth and speedy court hearing. The judge said all our paperwork is in order; so thats good. Just cant wait start life together!

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