Sunday, March 27, 2011

They're Back

3/27/11 After 3 decent flights and a good sushi dinner in Detroit, we are greeted by our lovely daughter Gabriella and our close friend Barbara. Except for the sad fact that MY suitcase, carrying almost all the kids shoes and clothes bought for them by all the saints, was left in Amsterdam. It was not checked thru all the way to Kiev. Prayerfully, it will be delivered here tomorrow and the contents can be handed it. The weather is sunny and about 36. We arrived at 5:00pm and after a quick bite at McDonalds, we make it to the Ark. (Btw they even have good multigrain buns here.) Nicolas and Marcus had been waiting outside and came rushing to us as we pulled in.  So nice to back! After hugs and hello's, we had a heart to heart talk with Anya, their guardian and caregiver that has been here with them the longest. God totally used her to establish trust and an example of what family is supposed to look like. We are very thankful she has begun to fuse together some of their brokeness and rejections. It's the forerunners again Theo! I took notes on all her memories and will treasure it. It's neat how you can have a connection with an almost perfect stranger thousands of miles away from home. We are tied together forever in this process God calls us to.

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