Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tuesday's Big Day

11/28/10 Happy Thanksgiving to all! We shared our thanks this year with Steve's family. We were all at his parents home in Tampa. All of his siblings were there except for his brother Greg who lives in Texas. Our kids played great with their cousins who they unfortunetly only see about once a year. I cant wait till our new children can experience all the "larger" family activities. We watched some you tube videos on Ukraine orphanages, and after wiping many tears, my thoughts were we are so blessed to be able to adopt! We are all excited and cant wait till they come home! So Tuesday is the big day of submitting paperwork. Our friend and translator, Galya, will be hand delivering the documents to the SDA and they will within 1 - 1 1/2 weeks give us an interview date and then a court date. We will be traveling very soon. Please pray with us that it will be supernaturally speedy and smooth. The more I read, the more "stickly" and complicated it can seem over there. Every i needs to be dotted and every t crossed just right. I was reminded today at home fellowship, that it those who have gone before us and paved the way, that enables us to reap what they have sown. So THANK YOU to all those pioneers! We are ever so grateful. Still we hope that you will agree with us in prayer that our paperwork will go miracoulsly quick. The time away will be the hardest obstacle so far. Its not Ukraine in the winter that is longsome, or the many trips to government offices that dont run the way America does; but it's the time away from our home, from eachother, our work and animals that will be tricky to manage. But it's for the prize we run after. The eternal glory. Its the treasures storing up where we cant see them.
Room update: The construction of their bedrooms is coming along great. Steve works every night on it and we are about 2 weeks from finished. It looks really good. I cant wait to paint and decorate it.


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