Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paper Trail

11/23/10  PAPER TRAIL BEGINS: 1st packet of Apostilled docs get to Ukraine on Monday past. Everything checked out and good. Second package; a bit troubling.  Gathered the last 5-7 things needed, had them notarized, thanks to someone special, and off to fed ex lunch time on Friday. Monday comes and check tracking info. Bad news, no info. Call CAT of Cincinnati – they help customers track and are the liaisons between corporate and us. Our envelope is on a truck somewhere? Not quite. Turns out our packet was never picked up on Friday. She sends a driver over to check the box and I walk over to the Fed Ex box across the street too. Just as Heidi and I were praying, the fed ex guy pulls up. He opens the box and there is our packet. Yay! Except now we are a day late. So the packet is on the way scheduled to arrive Tuesday at Tallahassee by 10:30. I track again – and no packet! Meanwhile I have been in contact with and awesome lady at the Secretary of State and shared our dilemma. Time is running out quickly. If our papers aren’t in Ukraine by thus Friday they can’t be translated and turned into the adoption department there. They need to be submitted on Tuesday, November 30th or we’re basically dead in the water. (If you are a prayer, please please pray for this!) Back to the facts.  Finally after much help from CAT and another local fed ex guy from Broward, the packet is in my new friend’s hands in Tallahassee. She is so unbelievably kind that she gets my stuff done in 5 minutes and we send for another fed ex pick up. It’s now on its way back to Boca. Tomorrow at 10:30 my dear and trusted friend will transfer  to a DHL envelope and mail 48 hours express to Kiev. Friday Jane will receive and get to another new, but old friend, to get translated. Then into the city on Tuesday. And God will bless His people with Peace!!! And we will dance in a river!

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