Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our time has come . . .

It's been some time since I've blogged. ( Steve) We have been pushing forward with the room for the kids, getting everything ready for there arrival. I will be painting the room this weekend and the carpet goes in end of next week. Should have everything ready by Xmas. This will be a special xmas for our family, being it will be the last in which it will be us five. I believe that Kristina, Igor and Denys are going thru some similar feelings, knowing if that it will be the last with there friends as well. the waiting time has not been fun but necessary. Caroline felt bad when she heard that Igor had his tonsils removed, she wishes she could have been his mother during that recovery time.
We were invited to share our story with the production company "Many but one" who puts on an xmas performance every year for the community. They were responsible for creating the video for us. If you haven't seen this one please view, it moves me every time. I can't wait to the day when were all on the plane landing in Miami. Caroline has been nesting at the house, if your a mother or a father of a child you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, having fun trying to keep up with her thoughts and projects. All good !

During this journey, for myself, I have been able to fuse together more with my wife. I always want to be with her. I look at each day slightly different, I wake up before the sun, I enjoy all my work, I love this life we have been blessed with by our Lord, and I thank You for leaving your Spirit to guide us.

I will have much to talk about when the journey takes us to their home town. I will try to blog daily so you whom are ready can walk with us and see how God has orchestrated this uniting of these three with us.
I already feel it in my spirit that God is going to use us to bring joy to all we meet.

I am also already saddened for the ones we will get to know but will not be able to bring with us. How do you look into their eyes and leave them hope ? How do you continue on with your life when those ones left behind are locked into soul ? How is it that not everyone with these same feelings is not saying yes we can do this? How is it that you do not love the Holy one enough, to take care of one of His own. What will you say when your in eternity with Jesus and you had the opportunity to do this, (while he promised he would take care of you ) and you reflected upon yourself and your own giftings rather then on His graces and mercies.
How will you walk with Him in the Garden ?
I was watching an older movie the other nite, " Contact " with Jody Foster. The beginning scene was a shot in space starting from the sun and traveling backward past all the planets in our solar system and it just kept moving revealing tens of thousands of galaxies and stars. I thought, this must be one of the mysteries or privileges that God is going to allow is lovers to see and perhaps travel thru, who's to say . . . Getting in to heaven is just the start or elementary. Many of us say we Love God and or Jesus, but how many of us are in Love with our Lord, savior, king, friend and brother ? This journey is moving at an accelerated stream directly to his heart. There is no other anything or substitute. We do this because we love you...( Jesus)

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