Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

So this Mother's Day I will be celebrating with my mom, Franz, and our beautiful 6 children! How blessed I am. I was at work today and one of my most nicest clients had a good word for me..."Life begins when you leave your comfort zone." Love that. She also noticed how many wonderful friends I have. I was like, yes, I am blessed beyond my dreams. I serve a loving and amazing God. When asked if I was happier than ever, I pondered that a moment. I realised that ofcourse I'm happy, but I am really content is the better word. I finally feel like I'm doing what I'm suppose to. There is no longing for something else. Besides more of Jesus that is. Just utterly content. Satisfied. The Lord has shown up daily in every way. Not that He didnt before, but maybe it's just more noticeable to me now. I dont know. Monetarily we were also blessed with new rollerblades for Gabri, Nic and Marcus. With all these blessings for the kids, we are able to start saving for Gabriellas birthday. Its in September. We hope to take them to Disney for a family vaca. She has always wanted to go. Cant wait to see their faces when they see the magic of Disney. Anyway, once again, I urge everyone reading these blogs to do what God has placed in your heart. You cant go wrong with God on your side. You are able to do all things thru Christ who strengthens you. Do not let fear stop you. Signing off with love - and wishing all the moms a Happy Mothers Day!

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